Time to Plan – an Initial Timeline

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

My intention for the No New Wars organisation, and the 11/11/2018 campaign is:

  • Register NoNewWars.* sites.
  • Register 11112018.* sites.
  • Create a blog, a wiki and a forum.
  • Upload the content I have already written.
  • Order some double-sided business cards promoting No New Wars on one side and Eleven Eleven Twenty-Eighteen on the other.
  • Check out the opinion of friends, family and colleagues to see what they think / take feedback / see if my morale is tougher than their criticism.
  • Come up with suitable catchy expressions for the No New Wars organisation and the 11112018 campaign.
  • Aim to do this before 11/11/2012 (giving me about 6 weeks).  (originally written about the start of Oct 2012)
  • Put together a more detailed plan for publicity by 31/12/2012.
  • Aim to have achieved national radio and newspaper coverage before 11/11/2013, so that politicians can have 5 years’ warning of what is coming.
  • By the end of 2015 have a high UK profile.
  • By the summer of 2016, have every major UK political party discuss adding the No New Wars commitment at their summer conference.
  • By the end of 2016 have a profile in Western Europe and the USA.
  • By the end of 2017 have a definite lobbying ability aggressively pushing the 11/11/2018 message at all UK MPs and prospective candidates.  Also, able to target local councillors of major political parties.
  • By 31/12/2017 have every major UK political party include a “No New Wars” commitment in its party manifesto.
  • By 11/11/2018 have every major UK political party include a “No New Wars ever” commitment in its party rules.
  • By 11/11/2018 have a majority of UK MPs aware their career will be over if they vote for a new war.
  • By 11/11/2018 to have a functional, international, No New Wars organisation in place and actively lobbying Western Europe and the USA as a minimum.

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