Read the rules

My school had a bonkers rule book.  It was huge and full of dotty laws and regulations.  We had to learn it.  It was only in adulthood we realised why: it emulated real life.  It taught us both to live within a world of pointless and arbitrary laws, but also when and how to break them or get them changed.

I’m doing my final degree module and, just like my other final year module, I am amazed at the questions people ask, and the incorrect answers they get, regarding rules they should have known from the start.

Not knowing what happens if an assignment is under the word count, or over the word count, or the exact submission deadline, or how to get extensions, or what if you need longer still, and what happens if it is late and what happens if it is too rubbish to submit.  Common questions from people, even at the end of their degree.  But it’s all in the assignment rule book.

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