Blog every day

Years ago I saw and heard the message that one should blog every day.  That applies to people who want to learn a subject, who want to learn how to write better, people who want to understand a subject, people who want to create a presence in social media, people who want to create a personal presence online, people who are job-hunting and want to demonstrate online evidence, people trying to raise their profile who want an online identity,people who want to support a job application, people wanting to back up their work or social or recreational profile, people wanting to manage their SEO profile…

That’ll be everyone, then.

Every day I have at least one thing pops into my head where I think “I need to blog about that” but by the time I am in a position to do so, some other life priority has kicked in and it does not happen.  Sometimes that happens may times a day.


And this crap Glutenburg editor does not help.

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